Your hand has been divinely constructed to be an extension of your mind , performing any wonderful act until something goes wrong.
Whenever your shoulder, your elbow, your wrist, your hand, thumb and digits are painful or out of order your daily life becomes very poor.

This is why, after 30 years of full time academic career at Messina University, mostly in Orthopaedics and lately in Plastic Surgery, I decided to swicth to full time private practice to deal at my best with patients with hand and upper limb problems.

The patient is my priority, now!:

  • No bureaucracy
  • No waiting list
  • No chance to be seen by another doctor except the one of your choice
  • No need to travel away, top specialistic competence available here and now.

In earnest my duty is to address your problem in the most personal and professional way, in diagnosis and treatment, using medical, surgical and rehabilitation tools that are the most apt and up to date.

Shoulder problems, either due to trauma, arthritis or degenerative disease or sport.
Elbow problems, either due to overuse or tendon rupture or nerve entrapment.
Wrist problems, either ganglions or carpal tunnel syndrome, instability or scaphoid non union.
Hand problems, either trigger finger, or Rhizoartrosis or Dupuytren.

In these pages you can browse to have an idea of Hand Surgery in general and you can also get in touch with me, by e-mail, by phone or by the form here presented.

Although still partecipating in Scientific activities, attending Courses and Congresses, my priority is to be more and more available to people, offering the top references and quality standards for your needs.