Hand surgery

"Before I had cut my fingers after falling with a glass in my hand I was not aware that Hand Surgery was existing as a specialty. After many operation done to recomstruct tendons, vessels and nerves and after almost one year in rehabilitation my point of you definitely changed."

You do not have an idea of the handicap you suffer when simple acts like opening a door, get coins from your pocket, buttoning your shirt, or driving your car, are out of your reach. Daily frustration arises along with the fear not to be able to retain your job and to cultivate your hobbies.

During this experience I had the opportunity to observe the complexity and the magnificence of the hand as an organ: Soft and pliable skin to give protection and sensation, bone and joint to provide stability and motion, muscles and tendons to obtain strenght and precision, vessels to give nutrition, and nerves to get instant control of what’s happening in our world.

Hand is not only an organ needed in all our activities, it is also a way to get in relationship with other people, communicates our emotions and is part of the image we offer.

For these reasons I’m far convinced that a Hand Surgeon is a specialist that has more competence than a general orthopaedic or plastic Surgeon and that patients having hand problems should be referred to a hand Surgeon.

In the Hand Clinic you can see how many different problems you can have: congenital deformities, various trauma cases, infections, tumors along with degenerative and inflammatory cases, overuse sindrome affecting young and older people, housewifes or musicians.

You’ll be surprised to see that many problems could be addressed and solved without any surgery. Medications, splinting, physiotherapy or simple ambulatoral procedures, like injections can solve many problems.

The hand Surgeon needs a hand therapist and the result that can be achieved is a team work. If the patient is non cooperative, the therapist is unavailable, and the surgeon is not communicating with the former and the latter, the hand is not going to have the best final result.

In our country hand surgery is recognized as a a need for the National Health System SSN and hand surgery units are available either in public or private hopsitals.